Professor George Karani

Professor of Environmental Public Health

Professor George Karani is a Professor of Environmental Health. He was born in Kenya and educated at the Universities of Nairobi (BSc. and MSc.) and Leeds (PhD).   His research group projects are on working environment, waste management, land reclamation, PM10 & PM2.5 particulate matter and poverty related diseases. His overseas research partners are from Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Uganda. George contributes to the development of strategic plans in government departments by serving in various Advisory Government Bodies, including Vale Local health Board (2003-2009), Environmental Protection Advisory Committee Wales (2002-2008), Review Panel on Continuing Care (2004-2009) and Advisory Committee Wales (1987-2001). George has acted as a consultant to the World Bank, World Health Organisation and the World Meteorological Organisation. He has supervised to successful completion 14 research degrees.