Group Members – Academic Staff, Researchers & Associates

john-lDr John Littlewood

SuRBe Founder & Lead

Senior Lecturer ADTCSAD Professional Doctorate Coordinator Chairman CABE Wales Region
PhD – Building Performance Assessment for Zero Heating Dwellings, UK
BSc (Hons) with First – Building Surveying/RICS Prize Level 1 Thermographer Domestic Air Permeability Tester

I studied/trained as a Building Surveyor before specialising in Architectural Technology & Building Engineering with a bias in Environmental Sustainability, and also Building and Systems Performance Assessment (BPA). I am a Chartered Building Engineer, a member of one, three and one Architectural, Engineering & Educational Professional Bodies. I am also Chairman of CABE’s Wales Region:

In 2020 I have 26+ years’ experience in academia, industry, and also being seconded to various organisations. I have worked/continue to work in collaboration with industry in Wales, UK & Internationally since 1993; taking an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving. The central foci’s of my work are: housing at a single building level, to micro communities and estates; and collaboration with industry and stakeholders for societal wellbeing.

Since 2008 I have worked full time at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I have generated circa £3.1 Million of funding since 1997, from research council grants, EU funding, InnovateUK, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, and consultancy.

My specialist subject areas are diverse crossing both qualitative and quantitative built environment, design, engineering & scientific disciplines. These include: Building Engineering, Science & Technology; Building Performance Assessment; Building Fabric Diagnostics and Forensics; The Safety Gap – Fire Performance; Professional Practice Change Management; Post Occupancy Evaluation; Environmental Design, Construction and Operation of Buildings; OSM; Occupant Comfort and Health & Wellbeing; Housing; Innovative Construction; Sustainable & Resilient Buildings; the Energy:Water Nexus; and Urban & Organic Food Production.

I lead on a number of Professional Doctorate pathways at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Engineering: and Sustainable Built Environment: In 2020, I have supervised ten research degrees to completion; I am supervising 14 doctorates (four due for completion in 2020/21) and I have been external examiner for 16 doctorates by June 2020.

I have authored/co-authored 150 peer reviewed published papers and book chapters; Co-Edited one book, and I am one of three Co-Editors for “Advances in Sustainability Science and Technology” launched in 2019 – I am a reviewer for 10+ international conferences and journals. Since 2010 I have undertaken numerous roles for the Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB) International conference. In 2020 (& 2014, 2017, 2019) I am General Chair, Chair of the Sustainable and Smart Buildings General Track, and Co-Chair of numerous invited tracks linking design to health; and manufacturing

Dr Carolyn Hayles

 Dr Fausto Sanna

tony-whymanTony Whyman

Senior Lecturer ADT

Anthony is a Chartered Architect and Chartered Architectural Technologist, with 35+ years of professional and academic experience in the subject of architecture and architectural technology. After graduating with a BSc in Architectural Studies from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University in 1982 he completed a Bachelor of Architecture in 1984 and became a registered architect in 1985. Between 1987 and 1992 he was an Associate of a private architectural practice in Newport, South Wales and an active member of the Royal Institute of British Architects through committee membership of the South-East Wales Branch, acting as Chair and Vice Chair between 1988-94.

Anthony has particular expertise in the technical realisation of designs for construction and understands issues relating to buildability and durability to achieve best practice through the construction process. He is experienced in working with building contractors and clerk of works on construction sites and understands the importance and need to develop more collaborative approaches to producing appropriate building envelopes that can achieve the increasing government targets for thermal performance and carbon reduction.

Anthony’s particular interest is in the technical aspects of architectural design with focus on sustainability and buildability through architectural detailing. This has led to researching teaching practice and methodologies for studio delivery in architectural technology and teaching students how to detail a building design.

nick-evansNick Evans

Senior Lecturer ADT

Nick is a chartered building control surveyor with over 25 years’ experience in industry and academia. His main teaching and research specialist areas are building regulations and environmental design. A former Local Authority Building Control Surveyor, Nick joined Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) in 1990. Nick has remained closely involved with professional practice, particularly focussing on building control and is frequently called upon to speak at events organised by RICS, CIAT, CIOB and RSAW. He has also provided specific training for Building Control Surveyors, Estates Officers, Home Inspectors and Domestic Energy Assessors.

Richard Radford

Craig Thomas

paul-wPaul Wilgeroth

Paul is Both an Engineer and also a product designer, and works with Dr Littlewood supervising the KTP Associate at J G Hale / Sevenoaks Modular (2019-2022). His first decade in industry was spent in a Research & Development environment working on a diverse range of projects and resulting in several successful patent applications, with many designs progressing in to mass production. Projects ranged from innovative, energy-saving domestic products through to various novel high-powered medical and industrial laser systems. The second half of his industrial career was devoted to various design management roles. Paul was Senior Lecturer in Product Design at Cardiff Met from 1998-2019, and continues to work part time supervising doctorates to completion and one KTP.

George Karani

Prof. George Karani

Professor of Environmental Public Health


Professor George Karani is a Professor of Environmental Health. He was born in Kenya and educated at the Universities of Nairobi (BSc. and MSc.) and Leeds (PhD).   His research group projects are on working environment, waste management, land reclamation, PM10 & PM2.5 particulate matter and poverty related diseases. His overseas research partners are from Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Uganda. George contributes to the development of strategic plans in government departments by serving in various Advisory Government Bodies, including Vale Local health Board (2003-2009), Environmental Protection Advisory Committee Wales (2002-2008), Review Panel on Continuing Care (2004-2009) and Advisory Committee Wales (1987-2001). George has acted as a consultant to the World Bank, World Health Organisation and the World Meteorological Organisation. He has supervised to successful completion 14 research degrees. 

Dr Chris Miller

Current Research Students


Denis Jahic

Denis is reading for a PhD in collaboration and co-funded with and by Melin Homes, a Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship two project (more information on KESS2). Project entitled ‘Developing key performance indicators for occupant quality of life from the evaluation of Arbed 2 retrofit measures to existing deprived dwellings in Wales’. Supervisors: Dr John Littlewood & Professor George Karani. Industrial adviser: Mrs Joanne Kirraine (Melin Homes).

Francesco Zaccaro

Francesco is reading for a PhD in collaboration and co-funded with and by Woodknowledge Wales, a KESS2 project entitled ‘Investigating challenges to systemised offsite manufactured dwellings using home grown timber’. Supervisors: Dr John Littlewood & Dr Carolyn. Industrial adviser: Gary Newman, Woodknowledge Wales. Industrial Partner: Sevenoaks Modular.

Tansy Duncan

Trevor Butler

Trevor is reading for a PhD in collaboration and co-funded with and by Archineers, entitled ‘How effective are earth to air heat exchangers in tempering outdoor air in the climate zone of interior British Columbia, Canada’. Supervisors: Dr John Littlewood & Professor Bob Howlett.

Uthayan Thurairajah

Professional Doctorate

Adam West

Joanna Clarke

Joanna is undertaking a Professional Doctorate in Sustainable Built Environment funded by SPECIFIC entitled ‘A Collaborative Approach to Procuring Buildings that incorporate Innovative Technologies’. Supervisors: Dr John Littlewood & Professor George Karani.

Kevin Renz

Mr Kevin Renz, undertaking a Professional Doctorate in Sustainable Built Environment funded by Endicott College, USA entitled ‘Can Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles of Organic Architecture improve current environmental design in residential dwellings’. Supervisors: Mr John Counsell, Dr John Littlewood

Phil Grant

Janet Beauchamp

Jon Moorhouse

Professional Doctorate Commencing from October 2020


Completed doctoral students (sample)

2015, Dr Jo Atkinson, PhD

2017, Dr Simon Hatherley, PhD

2017, Dr John Cosgrove, Professional Doctorate in Engineering (DEng)

2018, Dr Geradine Seguela, DEng

 Associate Members – UK

 Associate Members – International