In 2022 our current research and innovation projects are listed below.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership 2019-2022

This KTP is being undertaken in collaboration with and for Sevenoaks Modular, an offsite manufacturer of timber based modern methods of construction. The project commenced in February 2019 for 36 months, and Verity Moorhouse a graduate of the BSc and MSc Product Design was appointed and . The KTP is funded by Sevenoaks Modular, Welsh Government and KTN. In June 2021, the KTP has already led to several new exterior wall products being developed and financial benefits of circa £40 million, which are being delivered at this project in Swansea. Verity Moorhouse, Charlotte Hale and Dr John Littlewood gave a presentation for Chambers Wales on the KTP in March 2021.

Optimised Retrofit Project 2020-2022

The Sero Group won one of four Optimised Retrofit projects in 2020, funded by the Welsh Government. Dr John Littlewood is leading Cardiff Metropolitan University’s contribution to the project, as one of 65 partners. Our work is to lead two of the 30 mini projects, and our specific focus is occupant quality of life and the impact from dwelling retrofit measures.

Welsh Government Climate Change

Since 2020, Prof Carolyn Hayles has been an embedded researcher at the Welsh Government, investigating the climate resilience of existing dwellings in Wales.