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29/06/20: climate Change reality is impacting the weather patterns in the UK. So far in 2020 there have been the worst floods in winter, the driest March since records began, one of the highest temperatures recorded in the penultimate week of June at 31 Celsius, and within a few days there are strong winds, torrential rain and a low of less than 10 Celsius during the day. Is the built environment infrastructure and buildings capable and resilient enough for such swings in weather? What impact does this have on the inhabitants, particularly during the Covid19 lockdown. The SuRBe group are resilient by our nature and continue to work from home contributing to industry based research and innovation projects and online lecturing and student tutorials in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Whatsapp, FaceTime and Skype.

February 2020 Flooding in Wales
June 2020 Sunshine in Wales