10th Sustainability in Energy & Buildings International Conference – Gold Coast June 2018 – @KESintl

Following the success of earlier events in the series, SEB-18, the Tenth International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings will take place in Gold Coast, organised by the KES International. The conference occurs from the 24th to the 27th June 2018.

SEB-18 invites participation and paper submissions across a broad range of sustainability and energy related topics relevant to the main theme of Sustainability in Energy and Buildings.

Applicable areas include sustainable design and of buildings, neighbourhoods and cities (built and natural environment); optimisation and modelling techniques; smart energy systems for smart cities; green information communications technology; and well as a broad range of solar, wind, wave and other renewable energy topics.

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and government and industry professionals to discuss the future of energy in buildings, neighbourhoods and cities from a theoretical, practical, implementation and simulation perspective. The conference will be an exciting chance to present, interact, and learn about the latest research in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings.